Orbiting with Logic (Blast Off with Logic) by Bonnie Risby

Orbiting with Logic (Blast Off with Logic)

Book Title: Orbiting with Logic (Blast Off with Logic)

Publisher: Prufrock Press

ISBN: 1593631162

Author: Bonnie Risby

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Bonnie Risby with Orbiting with Logic (Blast Off with Logic)

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This classic book will excite students' imaginations while enriching skills in logical thinking. Orbiting with Logic problems are easy to incorporate into lesson plans and are formatted to enhance the fullest spectrum of curriculum areas while sharpening thinking skills. Challenging and instructional, these thought-provoking books present sequential exercises in logical reasoning that include relationships, analogies, syllogisms, sequences, deductive reasoning, inference, truth-values, and logical notation. Simple grids coupled with intriguing problems evoke enthusiasm and inspire students to higher and higher levels of thinking. Each book in this series builds on concepts presented previously in the series to offer a comprehensive logic adventure for young thinkers.

The skills students build by using this book are applicable to several areas of the curriculum. Academic skills used in reading, math, writing, and science all depend on the ability to perceive and define relationships, sequence events, and form inferences. But, beyond the academic world students will find logical thinking an integral part of everyday life.